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Staffing Your Team

If you are looking for a technical team for a certain period of time faster and cheaper than in-house staff, we might be exactly what you want.

Staff Augmentation

We have talented project managers, designers, software developers, system architects, testers and QA specialists who can form the tech team of your dreams. You can choose a technical team with skills and experience that perfectly match the needs of your new project.

Top technical resources

Get all the advantages of a professional technical team without any of the personnel hassles and headaches.

The FlexMade team works only for you, as your virtual employees. You don’t need to worry about HR and administration, employee overhead, health insurance, payroll, or taxes – we’ll handle them. Moreover, our staff turnover rate quite low, which guarantees you consistency and long-term stability.

Forefront of technology

At FlexMade, we try to follow all the new technology trends. In addition to the deep and diverse technical skills of our specialists, FlexMade’s senior tech members bring strong business and problem-solving expertise gained experience in a number of industries.

Specialized knowledge

We use our proven technologies and knowledge to speed the development process. FlexMade team innovators apply the latest tools, techniques, and developments to reduce the time spent on the project, whether you need it to make you stand out from competitors or for your in-house applications. We work hard to ensure that our customers’ solutions, either websites or mobile apps, work smoothly and continue to do so long after they've been launched. That’s how we build profitable, long-lasting partnerships.

Cutting your Expenses

Our European technical shops will give you access to the best technology specialists at lower full-time costs than those associated with local IT consulting, or in-house resources.

Enhance your in-house team

You can expand your in-house IT team with top-notch technical specialists from FlexMade. It’s much less costly than hiring full-time in-house tech staff.

With our exceptional talent pool, you get long-term, affordable, instant access to designers, architects, and developers. Extensive expertise in various technologies and development platforms allow our specialists to implement any software solution however tricky.

retention rate

Our developers and engineers appreciate the opportunity to work with innovative IT teams in companies like yours. They enjoy fair compensation, steady work, and the congenial work environment that FlexMade offers them. This helps explain our phenomenal 95% retention rate.

By working with FlexMade, you can access to top-notch European tech talent, and cut your development staff expenses by over 50% (compared to the cost of hiring skilled full-time internal resources).


Custom software

We create custom business software and help our clients launch new online solutions. You’ll get software development services along with all the help, support, and continuous integration you need to ensure your custom software project is successful and makes your business grow.

Application rescue

If a project has fallen into disrepair, stalled, or never been delivered - we can help you with it. We can review, advise or even take over your application project and ensure it delivers the best results possible.


We assist clients with business-case consulting and project feasibility, commercialisation and product roadmaps, strategic planning around technology use, and more.

How we work

Mature Project Management

When a project is initiated, we choose a project manager to oversee the whole process, from the elaboration of requirements to the product release. The project manager controls all project activities and administrative aspects, such as providing proper reports, collecting feedback, and taking responsibility for delivering project on time. To keep you up-to-date about the progress of your project, we use the best project management tools, such as Trello, JIRA, Redmine, or any other client-suggested solutions.

Flexible development methodology

We use the best industry methodologies (such as Waterfall, Agile, and SCRUM), but we can also adapt our workflow and toolkits to the technologies used by a client. Also, our software team can easily work within your development process without ruining the existing workflow at any stage of the project.

Integrated quality verification

Quality assurance is an integral part of every project at FlexMade. Our development team works independently from our QA engineers to provide a fair approach to software quality. To get the project done faster, the QA team smoothly integrates into the project, beginning with the requirements-collecting stage, and works with developers simultaneously. This method gives us an opportunity to optimize the release cycle and reduce project costs by up to 25%.

Transparent reporting

At every project stage, we deliver status reports with all necessary details, either daily or weekly or monthly. Reports are made in a clear and simple form that lets you easily see and understand the progress to date. We use issue-tracking tools and code repositories along with reporting software, so that our clients have a clear understanding of achieved results.

FlexMade Approach

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Each project starts with knowledge transfer. This means we assign a dedicated analyst to gather business requirements, and agree on the documentation format and development process. If some details in existing documentation are missing or not clear, we can do reverse engineering of the legacy code or do a transfer from a knowledge keeper on the client’s side.

  • Intellectual Property Security

    At FlexMade, we respect your personal data and intellectual property. All members of our team sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the full legal security of your data. Also, we use established technical procedures, such as control, infrastructure protection, and video surveillance, to provide security for your data.

  • Ongoing Communication

    For almost every project we work on, we have a dedicated project manager who is responsible for day-to-day communication with the client via Skype, email, phone, or other project management tools. We can adjust our schedule, if needed, and ensure that our team members are available across different time zones.

  • Flexibility and Responsiveness

    The FlexMade team can flexibly adapt to clients’ schedule globally, using the development methodology and toolsets they prefer. We can also adapt locally and switch to the client’s documentation, reports, communication standards, and other specific requirements.

Recommended for projects

  • Dedicated Team

    Best for a long-term project that lasts for over 4 months and needs a stable team of specialists.

  • Fixed Price

    Projects with clear specifications and deadlines.

  • Time & Material

    Agile projects with unclear or changing requirements.

Our Portfolio

  • Buzz Feed
  • Microsoft
  • aol
  • Keller Sports
  • Telme
  • Rakuten
software developers
B2B companies
We also work with plenty of other customers who appreciate that we do not disclose their identities. Our strict adherence to confidentiality and security is one more reason to choose FlexMade!

Our Products

Call Control is a spinout of the Call Control LLC and is focused on preventing nuisance calling, phone phishing and robocalls from impacting people and enterprises worldwide. With our patent-awarded technology (U.S. Patent #9,491,286) we provide a community-based reputation score enabling our Applications, Home and Network solutions to stop unwanted callers. Call Control is the original application enabling subscribers to manage calling parties since 2007.

@ Social Life

Why FlexMade?

  • Full Intellectual Property protection

    We respect our clients’ privacy. As a UK and USA company, FlexMade complies with all UK and USA intellectual property and data protection laws.

  • Complete resource control

    FlexMade developers work for you exclusively, as remote employees. We can deliver the technical talent you need to implement your project as soon and as long as you need it.

  • High-Caliber Talent

    We can quickly build and scale software teams to meet specific needs of a client, since we have access to the best European software development resources.

  • Technical problem resolution

    Software engineers at FlexMade consistently explore the best and innovative solutions to ensure we provide optimal results for each project.

  • Convenient cost control

    Only one monthly payment, without surprises.

  • Access to the “Brain Trust”

    Every FlexMade developer has unlimited access to our diverse tech talent-pool of resources, expertise, and knowledge.

Widest range of technical skills

We use up-to-date and popular technologies and development platforms. Here’s a list of logos/names of the technologies and products we work with:

  • Python Python
  • PHP 7 PHP 7
  • Laravel Laravel
  • React React
  • Amazon WS Amazon WS
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Vue VUE
  • iOS iOS
  • Angular JS Angular JS
  • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • .NET .NET
  • WordPress WordPress
  • MS SQL Server MS SQL Server
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • CodeIgniter CodeIgniter
  • Android Android
  • nodeJS nodeJS

Who benefits?

Who benefits from FlexMade? You do, if you:
Need to keep your software development costs as low as possible
Have a tough time searching for competent and affordable technical talent
Want to deliver high-quality software quickly, consistently, and at low-cost
Would like to offload maintenance to free up your in-house staff to focus on something else
Have to meet business demands for software applications that can't be bought off the shelf
Are a startup, seeking to build a quality software product with limited funding
Want to expand your team with technical specialists ,without the hassles of hiring
Are budget-conscious and quality-oriented, and need to do more with less
Want to bring new technical skills to your team and expand your possibilities

About us

A few quick FACTS:
  • Founded in 2006

    Headquartered in Seattle, USA
    and Sheffield, UK

    Offices in Ukraine and Poland

    Serving clients worldwide

  • Key technologies

    PHP, .Net, JS, Python, Java

    MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL

    Amazon SES, Azure

    HTML5 / CSS3

    Angular, React, Ionic, Vue.js

    WordPress, Umbraco, Adobe AEM

    Mobile apps for iOS and Android

  • Some recent industry sectors

    Online Media




    Real estate


  • Founded in 2006 , FlexMade has its corporate headquarters in the USA and in the United Kingdom, and two development centers in Europe. We bring to every project a combination of industry knowledge, unique company culture, and some of the world’s best technical talents. At the same time, we guarantee security for software and intellectual property, as governed by USA and UK laws.
  • Our services: Architecting, designing, developing, testing, and documenting software applications; providing support and ongoing maintenance.
  • We help our clients achieve important business outcomes by:
    • - Building new software products and services;
    • - Modernizing and enhancing existing solutions;
    • - Re-engineering legacy enterprise systems;
    • - Helping to control the cost and effort of managing existing IT systems;
    • - Introducing new ways of working at a process and tool level;
    • - Providing expert inputs and resources on a just-in-time basis.
  • FlexMade has great expertise in bringing together and managing dedicated teams of top quality professionals who augment a company’s in-house IT resources. We provide and manage a dedicated full-time team of properly selected technical resources that augment and operate as an extension of your internal IT department. That ensures you continuity and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’ll take full responsibility for the final result.
  • Our team of senior software engineers consists of experienced, skilled problem-solvers, not just technicians and coders. Our software architects and project managers have the business knowledge to comply with your demanding work standards and implement the top-quality software products you need.
  • FlexMade’s top-caliber technical professionals enable us far more than just “programming for hire”. FlexMade’s teams work in close contact with their counterparts in your in-house IT team to architect, solve problems, and build the best software solutions.
  • You will get full-time, dedicated, exceptionally skilled engineers who can add great value to your in-house skill sets. Your internal team will benefit from working closely with our designers and developers, all of whom have expertise in best-practice development methodologies and are up to speed on the newest and the most popular development platforms and approaches.

Our team

Maksym Kryvoshlyk
Maksym Kryvoshlyk
Founder and CEO
Vladimir Maryenko
Vladimir Maryenko
COO, Ukraine
Vitaliy Zolotko
Vitaliy Zolotko
COO, Krakow Branch
Maksym Kosenko
Maksym Kosenko
System Architect
Maxim Sadovsky
Maxim Sadovsky
Project Manager
Iurii Zisin
Iurii Zisin
Project Manager
Pavel B
Web Developer
Natalya V
Full Stack Developer
Ekatherina G
QA Engineer
Roman L
Frontend Developer
Roman M
Web Developer
Maksym K
QA Engineer
Sergey L
QA Engineer
Farid S
IOS Developer
Evgeniy T
Frontend Developer
Oleg M
Frontend Developer
Alexey S
Web Developer
Illya V
System Administrator
Dmitriy K
Web Developer
Sergey N
QA Engineer
Dmitriy Z
JS Developer
Dmitriy K
Frontend Developer
Kseniia K
QA Engineer
Igor D
JS Developer
And many other talented engineers!

Contact Us

  • 2638 134th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA, 98005, USA
  • Neepsend Triangle Unit 5, Burton Road, Sheffield, England, S3 8BW
  • Blagoveschenskaya street, Kharkiv, 61052, Ukraine
  • 30-507, ul. Celna 9, Krakow, Poland
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